Hestia Home Ornaments: a collection of exquisite bespoke finery. These bedecked, festooned and embellished orbs, meticulously meld textures, colours and ornamented embroidery, crafted with an exquisite nod to Baroque, Rococo and the punk rock era… each embodies an evolving personal theme of the artist, referencing the rich roots of Armenian history; from the hand-work of stone makers, embroidered and embellished head-dresses, metal-smithing, to intricate filigree jewellery and their authentic cuisine.
Embodying the passion, self-determination and celebration of traditions, paralleled with the evolving technology of today, the embellishments, sourced from travels near and far, represent a personal journey of the artist; symbols of faith and the legends of bygone years, they serve to complement and add to your personal home-decor collection, enhancing niche table setting, be it a festive, luxury minimalist or maximalist tablescape.
Made and designed exclusively for Hestia Home Luxury Collections, sourcing objects from Italy, France and Greece; a precious collectable gift to give to that very special someone today!